Lehigh County Schools Joint Purchasing Board


The Lehigh County Schools Joint Purchasing Board is designed to encourage participating members to recognize the benefits and savings of cooperative purchasing through a centralized purchasing board. It is recognized that Advisory Committees to the board can enhance and contribute to the success of the joint purchasing concept. The organization of an effectively functioning set of Advisory Committees along with the willingness and commitment of the administration and staff of participating members are integral to the success of the partnership.
Advisory Committee Functions
The main purpose of the Advisory Committees is to strengthen the effectiveness of the cooperative purchasing function.
The functions of the Advisory Committees include:
1. Make recommendations and provide technical assistance in defining the products or services to be purchased.
2. Provide suggestions on which products should be housed in the Lehigh County Schools Central Distribution Facility.
3. Assist in forecasting trends of product use.
4. Evaluate suggestions for product update and modification, expansion or reduction of product line and quality of product line.
5. Support and strengthen relationships with vendors and suppliers.
Advisory Committees
The following represents the anticipated Advisory Committees that will be needed and are subject to change as needs dictate.
1. General Office and Classroom Supplies
2. Custodial and Maintenance Supplies
3. Shipping and Transportation
4. Information Technology Supplies
5. Art Supplies
6. Science Supplies
7. Athletic/Trainer Supplies
Advisory Committee Membership
Each Advisory Committee shall consist of members appointed by participating members of the Joint Purchasing Board. The appointed members shall have experience and knowledge with the product line associated with its committee. Committee members should possess vision, leadership, experience, and the ability to express ideas, defend convictions, and listen to others, with the goal of improving the educational programs of the participating members of the Joint Purchasing Board.
Advisory Committee Officers
Each Advisory Committee shall appoint a chairperson and a vice chairperson (who shall serve in the absence of the chairperson) who shall conduct meetings of the committee. A secretary shall be appointed to maintain the meeting minutes which may be delegated to a third party.
Advisory Committee Recommendations
Recommendations and advice of the Advisory Committee should be clearly included in the minutes to reduce the chance of misinterpretation. All recommendations and advice must represent the viewpoint of the majority of the group. While it cannot be expected that all recommendations made by Advisory Committees will be accepted and followed, such advice shall receive careful consideration. Advisory Committees serve an advisory capacity only and do not have administrative or governing authority.